absolutely delicious

I wanted to post a short update since I finally got to see and taste my birthday cake. I ordered a cake and wanted a dragonfly, but did not give any details--I let it be a surprise. They ended up using some sort of printed edible image and I was floored when I picked it up. Amazing! (Make sure you look through my photos attached to this review so you can see the wonderful job they did.)

As for the cake, it was absolutely delicious. The cake itself was so freakin' moist!! In fact, it was still moist four days later. Honestly, I don't know how they did it. The flavors of the cake was wonderful--totally tasted like orange creamsicle. The only thing I didn't like was the frosting, but I'm not really a fan of buttercream icing. Too sweet and too much on it. However, I adored the vanilla filling between the layers, and if I was going to order a cake again, I would ask if they could use that filling for my frosting. 

Highly recommended!! So happy I checked them out, but so sad I didn't go sooner.