Incredible cakes and treats

So, I had hopped by here when it was at another location in Smithfield...and am SO excited that they have moved closer to me!  YEAH!  This family owned and run eatery is exactly what you would hope for in a place that makes incredible cakes and treats....any sort of cake you can dream up in that imaginative mind of yours can be made to order!  They are VERY accommodating, and REALLY want to please their customers!  Not only that, they are SUPER friendly!  My husband and I sat around asking questions about how this place came to be, and hearing a person's story on how they finally made one of their dreams come true....simply wonderful!

Jeff is VERY talented, and we had the added privilege of seeing a book of his past creations which were AMAZING!!!  It doesn't stop there though, not only does he have creative talent....he cooks up some AMAZING treats!  We tried various items...and were not disappointed by ANY of them!  Yes, they were "finger lickin good" minus any hint of that greasy eatery that coined that phrase.  

They keep it simple, no frills as far as decor goes....but wouldn't you rather they put all their creative energy into their food and treats rather than the decor?!  I mean you don't really come into a bakery to hang out all day anyways do you?!  Well, we didn't.   If you're looking to bring your idea to life in cake or treat form, if your looking for a bakery who you can fully rely upon and truly knows what they're doing, and will get the job done RIGHT, if you're looking for "just the right present" for someone's birthday....then look no further!  Jeff's Sir-Cakes-A-Lot is your bakery!  We were more then pleased, and will be coming by again...and again...and again :)